Friday, August 28, 2009

we almost don't believe it's really happening

our honeymoon was almost
a year ago - give or
take a couple of weeks -
and unless you count
a weekend in
allentown, pennsylvania
for my sister's college graduation
(sorry, erin, but i can't),
that was the last time we
stayed in a hotel.

we are more than excited
to head out for
not only days of
good seafood,
but also for a place
where someone else
is responsible
for making the bed
and doing the dishes...

...and to put my
new camera -
one of my very cool
culinary-inspired birthday gifts -
to good use.

i'll come back with beautiful
(or at least passable) pictures
and tons of
kitchen inspiration.

in the meantime,
a shot from our last time, um, away:
erin, at dinner, the night before
her college graduation,
very time appropriate,
considering that she's starting
her next round of schooling
in just a couple of days.
erin at dinner, the night before college graduation

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