Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i'm kind of messy

i thought i was going to fail out of culinary school because i could not...
dice potatoes into perfect 1/2" cubes
julienne flawless strips of zucchini
drizzle non-runny drops of basil oil onto the rim of a dish
conceptualize and execute a gorgeously composed dessert.

i shouldn't have worried. don't get me wrong --
i never became especially good at any of that.
but i didn't fail out.

when we wove lattice crusts onto pies,
trimmed black bass into rectangles
and used our pastry bag to pipe perfect rosettes onto cakes
i tried (hard) not to cry when my pastry strips were uneven,
my fish was triangular
and my frosting was rather spastic.

until one day, out of nowhere, i realized a quick cure:
while others were calling themselves
in style, I chose rustic.

i was so excited about my composed trifle, until i saw that the top layer looked like this.
so, i whipped some cream and smeared it over the whole mess. no one ever knew.

it fit me better anyway.
i'd rather make big bowls of pasta brimming with
the most seasonal of ingredients,
fresh fruits crostadas that
look like they belong on a long wooden farm table,
hearty soups that serve as meals
and are even better with bread for dunking.

and so out of necessity, my idea, my lifestyle - and my sanity - was born.

i'm not lazy.
i'm rustic.


rita sue said...

Brooke, I loved your new blog!
Love, Rita

Lisa said...

I'd take rustic over Pan Asian any day. And also, you.

P Cass said...

I love your blog!! I was so excited to make chocolate covered football strawberries (for Super bowl). Thinking I am now a master at it (minus the football part) well lets just say those tiny little lines are a lot harder then you think. So when I was done...I took a long look at them and said, ok they're not messy they're just "rustic". So thank word can really go a long way. My "rustic" chocolate covered football strawberries were abig hit at the party!

brooke herman said...

rita -- thank you for reading!

tricia -- see, it's a great excuse and it makes you feel much, much better about yourself. although, knowing you, i'm pretty positive your lines were perfect.