Wednesday, April 15, 2009

my camera's back!

and it's better than ever,
if i do say so myself.
we drove to fed ex 
in the rain
to pick it up
after a faulty
attempt at delivery
i'm very happy.
so happy
to have an lcd screen
that i had to take
pictures of
my favorite
fridge at the moment-
all three of 
which happen to
taste much
better if you actually
eat them at
room temperature.

medjool dates. i plucked them from their vines just before this picture. they were very pretty that way. i'm not sure why i did it. 

yummy fleshy, firm and garlic-stuffed olives (i'm bummed we ate the red cerignolas before this picture.)

amazing pink muscat grapes. if you see them at the market, buy them. please don't eat them cold - you'll think i was all talk.

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Lisa said...

Funny--I am obsessed with muscat grapes too! Have a post going up next week on them.