Tuesday, November 3, 2009

getting up to speed

you know those days that
you get home from work,
pour yourself a glass of wine
and then take your shoes off?

well, that's the kind of two
weeks its been. so, while
i have a working post that has
received two to three lines each night,
i'm not crazy about how long it has
taken me to get something - anything - out.

so, in the interest of, well,
still being here, i'm posting not
a story or recipe,
but pictures of some things i've
cooked that haven't quite
made it to the blog.

oh, and, it took me a while
to admit this, because i wanted
to be sure that i could hack it in
the scary world of social media,
but i think i'm finally getting
the hang of all this stuff.
so, i think now, i can finally say it:
not lazy. rustic.
is now on twitter and facebook.

now...for some pictures. (and while we're on the subject of pictures, i'm on flickr, too: as brooke herman.)
roasted parsnip, onion and apple puree with whisky
roasted parsnip, apple and onion puree with honey and whisky.

spicy chickpeas and cod, baked
cod fillets baked in garlicky and spicy chickpeas.

roasted lemon chicken
lemon and rosemary roast chicken - delicious, even though it was accidentally roasted upside down. what? don't judge.

shaved brussels sprouts with soy, sesame and ginger
thinly sliced wok-cooked brussels sprouts with soy sauce, hoisin sauce, garlic, ginger and sesame.

acorn squash stuffed with corn pudding
from 101 cookbooks - acorn squash baked with corn pudding and topped with broiled cheese and sliced scallions.

applesauce kugel with graham cracker crumbs and cinnamon
my mom's kugel - made with applesauce and egg noodles. topped with graham cracker crumbs - i added ground cinnamon.

1 comment:

Larry said...

I got to eat all of those except for the kugel, and I'm slightly bitter about that.