Wednesday, November 18, 2009

thank you and a giveaway

i've told you before that i have
a love affair with cookbooks.
very little makes me happier
than getting a new one,
sitting on the couch,
reading it cover to cover,
mentally bookmarking the

as you can imagine,
such a habit is big and bulky
and despite buying a large
bookshelf to house them all,
the collection has expanded
slightly out of control.

yes, they're on shelves.
cookbooks on the shelves
more cookbooks
and more cookbooks

but the books are also on the floor
of larry's closet.
cookbooks in the closet

and they're on the bed in our second bedroom.
cookbooks, everywhere

not to mention that i'm pretty
sure there's a few in the kitchen,
our bedroom and probably
in places i cannot even imagine.
yes, i love cookbooks.
and that's why it meant so much
to me this morning when i
found out that my cranberry sauce
will be featured in food52's.
thank you for voting and
supporting me, the blog,
and of course, the cranberry sauce.

so in honor of today's news
(ok, that's not true,
we were going
to do this anyway),
i have a giveaway.
and no, it's not a cookbook.
or exactly food related.
you may have noticed the
very cool new logo
not lazy. rustic. has
been wearing since sunday.
well, here's the story
behind it. well, ok, wait -
one other story first.

i've talked about lauren
several times before -
how we met in camp,
have stayed friend's since
and have super bowl get togethers.
but, here's the real beginning.
we had already had the towel experience.
but then, a couple weeks later
we were out playing kickball.
i was put in the outfield. sadly, i was always
put in the outfield. nothing ever went out
there. ever. so i sat on the ground and
used a broken twig to dig in the dirt.
lauren - who i think was supposed to
be covering second base - came over to
me and said,
if i were you, i'd stop digging.
otherwise, you'll dig too far and
some old man from china is
going to start pulling on the other side
and you're going to end up in china
with no way of getting back home.
we were 10. but, i listened to her.

and since then, she's been there
to support me, snap me out of funks
deeper than outfield-relegated isues,
pack me up for college when i
could not handle the thought of
leaving my family and friends,
cleaned my room (looking at it
like a challenge, not a nightmare),
helped larry put our bed together
when we moved into this
apartment 3 1/2 years ago
and encouraged me to start this blog.

and finally, i have a small
opportunity to support her.
earlier this year,
lauren and her sister, stephanie,
started AnaStella (look, i even capped
for them) - invitations and stationary
with style & spark!
everything is beautiful, from their
wedding and shower invitations to
moving announcements to save the dates
and stationary. and now, logos!

i contacted lauren last week with a
very vague...does stephanie do logos...
i want something...not sure what...
is this even a possibility? type of of e-mail.
a minute later i got back an e-mail:
she already designed one for you,
she didn't send it?

i really had no idea what i was looking for,
i knew i wanted something that represented
not lazy. rustic. but that's about it.
when i saw the design - one that stephanie
made for the fun of it weeks before - i knew it was perfect.
stephanie conveyed more about the blog
through her logo, than i could have with words.

and, so, to celebrate the new logo,
lauren and stephanie are offering one
custom stationary set to a winner
chosen at random. check out their
website and their page on
then e-mail me
by wednesday, november 26.
please include your name,
complete mailing address,
which style you would like and how
you would like them personalized
(they can print initials or names).

the winner will be notified by the
end of next week.
exciting day, right?

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Stephanie said...

Congrats on your win! That's very exciting.