Friday, December 4, 2009

thanksgiving - one week later

i kind of hate the fact
that it has been so long
since my last post. and really,
there's no good excuse, except
that over the past
two weeks i've been sick,
with two separate illnesses -
neither dire, but both enough
to pin me to the couch
for several days at a time.
and most of fall at my
job is spent preparing
for the week of thanksgiving.

but it's been too long.
so while i'm gathering the
strength to tell you about
the dessert i make every
thanksgiving (but can also
be made all fall and winter
long), here is some of our
food from last thursday.

the table
the dining room table, with only about half the food on it.

my mom's stuffing
my mom's stuffing, which she makes every year. it is a very basic, no-frills side dish with nothing more than soft onions to chew on, but we love it and thanksgiving would not be the same without it. so, she makes it, but every year - in effort to turn us to a different dish, she tries her hand at a new one. this year...

challah and mushroom stuffing was taken from the food52 contest for best stuffing. my mom made the challah, mushroom and celery from mrs. wheelbarrow's kitchen. she added roast chestnuts and it was lovely.

rosemary and brown butter applesauce
rosemary and brown butter applesauce via codfish and caviar, via bon appetit magazine. i was skeptical about this recipe, but still, i wanted to make it. i'm so glad i did. it is truly a savory and unique applesauce that will not be found on every table.

blair's sweet potatoes
blair's sweet potatoes. blair has made this dish for as long as both of us can remember. it is a traditional sweet potato casserole, with pineapples. this year, she added a crumb topping, along with the marshmallows.

wine and cranberry sauce
wine...well needed to help me unwind from the week i had had. unfortunately, i was very tired and i don't even think i finished my one glass.

port with dessert
still, we had port with dessert.

my mom's bourbon pecan pie
this is another dish from the it's-been-at-every-thanksgiving files. my mom has been making her bourbon pecan pie for forever. i have distinct memories of one bottle of bourbon sitting on the top shelf, pulled down only once a year to make this pie.


Patricia Cass said...

Is it the Monkey that the desert you can make all winter long? Well I'm waiting for you to post it. The Monkey Bread is one of the greatest recipes I ever got...the smell...the taste...yum!

brooke said...

oh, no. i'm sorry to get your hopes up - not monkey bread. although, we did talk about you, your family and monkey bread on thanksgiving and how happy we were to pass the recipe on, if that helps. actually, i don't think i've made monkey bread since the first time you had it. eek - that's a long time.