Saturday, December 19, 2009

so lucky

chocolate swirl cinnamon marshmallows
so remember the marshmallows?
the ones that i botched and had to pry
free from a cutting board,
cursing myself in the process?
well, it turns out that little incident
didn't matter - they must have still tasted
a little sweet, slightly spiced, a bit chocolatey,
light and airy, just like i intended,
because the squares have been chosen
as a finalist in this week's contest on food52.

if you remember how much
i love making marshmallows,
then you know what it means to me
that they are even under consideration for
the cookbook. another highlight: in
their description of the recipe, amanda
and merrill said that they had fun
making them. that made my day.

you can find the recipe here.


doughgirl said...

Yay! So great. And that shot is amazing. Very nice.

Patricia Cass said...

That are on fire!

MrsWheelbarrow said...

I made the marshmallows today, in the midst of a snowstorm. they are perfect! Good luck on Food52. Fantastic gift item.

brooke said...

col and tricia - thank you!

mrswheelbarrow - i'm so glad they were a success! you should make snow day hot chocolate and dunk the marshmallows in the mugs.