Sunday, January 3, 2010

a homemade send-off

i know that new year's eve is
inherently a celebration holiday,
one filled with parties, noisemakers,
sparkly dresses and lots of champagne.

but none of that is really me.
yes, i like a celebration,
and the wine that usually
comes with it,
but i'm more about
the quiet get-togethers,
special meals and
spending a night at home,
free of crazy after midnight drivers
and late night drama.

and, luckily, larry is understanding.
yes, he likes the parties.
but he also likes good food,
which is usually the promise
i offer up in exchange for an evening in.

and while this year
i was somewhat so-so about the
dishes that came out of our kitchen,
he enjoyed them, we made them together
and, i'm proud to say, i made it to midnight.

brandy, pear nectar, prosecco
brandy, pear nectar and prosecco. it was...ok.

the makings of chili crab
the ingredients for chili crab, inspired by a meal larry recently had at fatty crab. recipe from the new york times. it was good, but very messy, and not as spicy as either of us expected. i think next time, i'd go back to my adapted version of this recipe.

dungeness crabs, cleaned and halved
we loved the dungeness crabs so much a couple weeks ago that we jumped on the chance to get more when they popped up again in the market. i cleaned two 1.5 pound crabs, then halved them.

chili crab
the already cooked crabs were simmered with the shallot-based sauce, then topped with scallions.

i've been eyeing this gelato for a while and when i looking for a vanilla ice cream to serve with bananas, i knew this was the time. it was so worth it.

bananas on fire
in search of a fast, but good dessert, i decided to make a riff on banana's foster. it was very rummy - i'm still not sure how i feel about that.


Caviar and Codfish said...

Happy New Year to you! Even though the food wasn't all you expected, it looked gorgeous. :D

brooke said...

thank you! happy new year to you, too.