Tuesday, March 31, 2009

if a picture's worth 1000 words

what do you do when
you're a relatively new food
blogger and your 
camera stops working?

if you're me,
you panic.

you freak out that 
you only got one
picture of the shredded
cucumbers that were
going into the tzatziki
intended to top the 
shrimp souvlaki
you were cooking
before your screen turned
a grainy black.

you may even say something
ridiculous like,
what's the point of even
making the rest of the meal

you beg family and friends
to take pictures of the treats
you bring them and the meals
you make them, feeling sheepish
all the while.

and then, you share one
of the last pictures
that you took with the 
camera before it decided
to betray you.

these are mini spicy korean crabs.
in spite of the fact
that my family insists on
(at least i think they're joking)
that they're baby crabs and
that i'm heartless for enjoying them, 
i like to
believe that they are mini crabs.

they're teeny tiny 
and spicy and, now
that i've finally tried one,
i can add, 

i've been sizing them
up for years after first spotting them in
a large container - 
it looked
like there were 100s inside
and i'll admit it,
i was scared.

over the years,
i've checked them out
often wondering,
do you eat the whole thing?
is it just like a small soft shell
or would i actually have to
go in and pick out the meat?
but yet,
i never bought them.

then recently,
we went to a local market,
good nature, to pick up
daikon to pickle with carrots
(which was so good and i'm so
sad to not have a picture to share)
and i saw the crabs available,
by the pound.

this was my chance and i knew
it. after larry declined any interest
or involvement in the crab situation, 
i picked out four
for myself,
and then convinced him to buy extra spicy
parsnips, just so he could try something
new, too. 
once home, we sampled the parsnips
and then i opened the container of
crabs, peered in
and then gently, touched one.

the shell cracked.
and that's when i figured 
out that
1) these "miniature"
crustaceans never really matured and
2) they're sitting in a spicy marinade so
3) they're soft and
4) i should
eat the whole thing.

i was nervous.
i started with a leg.
then another.
then, finally, i ate the rest
as larry watched my face,
his caught somewhere between
disgust, amusement and

i fell in love.
just what i need,
a new food to dream
about and to crave
late at night.

i spread them out
over three days, talking
about them incessantly, asking
when we could go get more and 
when i was down to just two,
taking their picture 
next to a (meyer)
lemon for size comparison.

and now
that my camera has 
taken a self-imposed hiatus,
i'm glad that i did.
because, as with most
foods worth talking about,
there's no way
to really describe
without a visual.

*while the camera is getting fixed, i'm not going anywhere. i'm just relying heavily on said family and friends for photography help...which means that i really will only be able to blog about items that are made for or in front of people and not, for example, the banh mi i made tonight for dinner or the butternut squash ravioli with morels that i made last week. it's a bummer, but it should keep things interesting. stay tuned.


The Bean said...

You ate a fish eyeball without thinking twice, but you're scared of a crab? A tiny, baby, probably misses its mommy, crab?

brooke said...

jenn said something similar -- but in private e-mail form.
1) i thought long and hard and was eventually coerced before eating that fish eye.
2) in spite of loving them, eating these crabs already made me feel like a creep. i don't want to feel worse.