Wednesday, March 25, 2009

snapshot: avocado and sweet potato brown rice bowl

heavily based on this recipe,
rice bowls have become one of 
my favorite feel-good dinners.
hearty, but not fatty or overly
filling, they're just as comforting on
a cold night as 
a warm spring evening.
and while, yes, i think it's
daring to give another tofu
recipe so soon, i think you can handle
it - or swap it out for chicken, beef or shrimp.

to make: 
fill bowls with freshly cooked and hot
brown rice that 
has been tossed with 
shredded toasted nori.

top with one large sweet potato,
diced, sprinkled with
lime juice, cayenne and kosher salt,
and roasted,
one large caramelized sweet onion,
a cubed ripe avocado
and sliced firm tofu that has been dried
well and browned in a saute pan.

my favorite part: sprinkle with
shredded toasted nori, sesame seeds
and this stuff, which i am absolutely
addicted to.
serve with wedges of lime.*

*none of this is actually shown in the photos, which is a shame, and a long story. but trust me and use them - they bring the whole thing together.

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